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4 Reasons Axe Throwing Is Great For Team Building

Updated: Feb 17

We get it, team building exercises are not everyone’s favorite activities. However, it doesn’t always have to be pizza parties or awkward outdoor adventures. At Stumpy’s, we are here to break the mold of traditional team-building exercises by offering an exciting new way for your team to really get to know each other. Today, we will look at 4 reasons axe throwing is one of the best team-building exercises available.

4 Reasons Axe Throwing Is Great For Team Building

It’s Great Motivation

Depending on your job, building motivation at the office may be challenging. With axe throwing, you can help build motivation in a competitive atmosphere that can build relationships and motivate your team to work harder to achieve company and personal goals.

Builds Great Communication Skills

Whether your team is in the office grinding it out or working a hybrid schedule and communicating through Zoom calls, it can be hard to keep communication high throughout different departments. Getting everyone together in a stress-free zone can help spur conversations and allow your team to get to know each other.

It’s Easy On The Company Card

Trying to plan a team-building exercise can cost thousands of dollars depending on what type of activity you choose to do. With axe throwing at Stumpy’s, you can get the whole team together for an affordable price. Axe throwing is a great way to get the most for your money when building team morale.

It Can Help Unwind And Relieve Stress

What could be more stress-relieving than throwing a sharp axe at a block of wood with coworkers? We know the temptation to throw a computer across the room can be high when dealing with work issues. Channel this rage into a fun activity such as axe throwing to kick back and eliminate that stress.


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