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Axe Throwing In Frisco

Updated: Feb 17

Axe throwing is the latest craze, and Stumpys Hatchet House is at the forefront of bringing this exciting activity to Texas! Axe throwing has become incredibly popular worldwide, as it's an incredibly unique way to socialize with friends, family, or even coworkers.

Axe Throwing In Fort Worth

More Than A Game

At Stumpys Hatchet House, axe throwing isn't just a fun and entertaining way to spend your time; it’s also becoming a more popular form of competition. Guests can join groups or individual competitions against other participants. The goal of the game is to be the first person to reach 21 points by hitting certain targets on the wall from a distance of approximately 8-16 feet away. Not only that, but some like to play games that offers a fun twist: if you get two bulls-eyes in one turn you get an "axe off" - where two competitors take turns trying to hit their target until one prevails!

Great Team Building

Stumpys Hatchet House also takes pride in being an excellent place for corporate team building events. Axe throwing creates a sense of camaraderie among participants and promotes healthy competition. It’s also great for bonding and fostering strong relationships between teammates or colleagues as everyone cheers each other on during their turn at the line! Plus, you can work up quite an appetite while testing your skills so Stumpys offers delicious snacks and cold drinks to energize everyone throughout their sessions.

Safety First

Safety is always put first, too – all staff members have been trained on proper techniques and safety protocols in order to ensure that guests are always safe while enjoying themselves at Stumpey's Hatchet house. So whether you're looking for some friendly competition with friends, family or co-workers, axe throwing is definitely something new and exciting that should be added to your list!


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