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Is Axe Throwing Dangerous?

Updated: Feb 17

At Stumpys Hatchet House, we are passionate about offering fun and safe axe-throwing experiences. As a popular new activity, many people may question whether axe throwing is dangerous. The short answer is no – when done properly with the proper safety protocols in place, axe throwing can be an enjoyable and safe form of entertainment.

Is Axe Throwing Dangerous?

Safety Is Our #1 Concern

At Stumpys Hatchet House, safety is our top priority. We follow an extensive list of safety guidelines to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience when they join us for axe throwing. Every person who comes to throw axes must sign a waiver before they can participate. We also provide detailed instructions on proper axe throwing techniques and safety protocols when someone joins our facility for the first time. Additionally, all throwers must wear closed-toed shoes to prevent injuries from any heavy objects that could be dropped on their feet while participating in the activity.

Safety Precautions In Place

Axe throwing is only dangerous if participants do not follow the provided instructions or modify them in any way. Participants must stay behind the designated "throw line" at all times during their session and keep other throwers out of their lane while they are performing their throws. If participants fail to adhere to these rules, they could injure themselves or someone else near them with an errant throw.

Safe Axe Throwing

At Stumpys Hatchet House, we take safety seriously and ensure everyone follows our guidelines while having fun at our facility! Participants should always listen to their instructor carefully and follow all directions so that everyone will have a worry-free time participating in this activity! If you want to learn more about our safety policies or book a session with us today, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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