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Is Axe Throwing Hard? How Stumpy's Makes It Easy

Updated: Feb 17

Over the past few years, the popularity of axe throwing has increased tremendously, lending way to a new generation of axe-throwing enthusiasts. As the sport grows, many of those who are curious about the sport have plenty of questions to ask. One of the most common questions, and the question we are going to answer today, is “is axe throwing hard”?

Is Axe Throwing Hard? How Stumpy's Makes It Easy

How Hard Is Axe Throwing?

It seems pretty simple, right? Just pick up an axe, throw it at a wooden target, and get it to stick. For some, it may come naturally, but for most, learning the proper technique will make axe throwing as easy as riding a bike. Axe throwing is not hard, you just need to ensure you understand how to throw the axe correctly, and you can improve your technique from there.

At Stumpy’s, we are proud to offer axe-throwing instructions for you and your party before you get to throwing. Our staff is here to help you understand how to throw an axe safely and efficiently to have a great time.


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